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If you have been injured in an accident, you need representation. Having the proper legal advice and assistance when making your personal injury claim or wrongful death claim and dealing with any insurance company will make a major difference when it comes to the amount of any recovery for damages suffered. When retaining a personal injury attorney it is important to choose a firm that will work closely with you rather than represent you on an impersonal level. At Swartz & Kennedy we pride our firm on establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with our clients while we aggressively pursue recovery for all the damages allowed under the law.

Injury Attorneys Can Protect You

The State of California does not require you to have legal representation in order to receive compensation for injuries. Being represented by experienced legal counsel throughout your civil proceedings can ensure that you recover what the law entitles you to recover. It is the job of the insurance company of the person that caused the accident and your damages, to pay you as little as possible to close your case. It is also their job to reduce the insurance company liability by wrongfully accusing you of causing the accident – not their insured. Retaining legal counsel ensures that you will recover the fair value of your damages and deflect any wrongful accusations of fault.

Personal injury claims are much different than the typical property damage disputes most people have experienced. If your accident involves an injury or if it is complicated by multiple parties with potential liability or damages, legal representation is absolutely essential if you want the best results. In fact, insurance companies' own statistics have proven that those who have been injured in an accident or who have lost a loved one are likely to receive two to three times more monetary compensation when they have a lawyer on their side.

The facts are simple. A competent and qualified personal injury attorney can sift through the complicated and often obscure legalities of your case, providing you with the clarification you need throughout the legal process. Why risk being undercompensated? Our firm provides free case evaluations to ensure that there is pertinent information to drive the favorable outcome of your case and to make sure you will benefit by filing a personal injury claim.

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If you are interested in filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, it is best to consult an attorney and get legal advice early in the process. Filling out a free case evaluation can be the first step in strengthening a personalized approach that can get you more compensation.

Our firm has handled thousands of personal injury claims involving a wide range of accidents, clients and factual circumstances since first starting our practice in 1974. Since that time we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and know how to obtain the best results for you. Insurance companies and adjusters are motivated to keep their money and give you as little as possible. Do not lose out on the compensation that you are entitled to recover.

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  • $5 Million Auto v. Auto (Commercial)
  • $3 Million Auto v. Truck (Wrongful Death)
  • $1 Million Auto v. Auto
  • $1 Million Auto v. Auto
  • $1 Million Premises Liability
  • $850 Thousand Auto v. Truck (Agricultural big rig and trailer)
  • $850 Thousand Auto v. Truck (Big Rig and trailer)
  • $850 Thousand Auto v. Truck (Commercial)
  • $500 Thousand Auto v. Auto
  • $465 Thousand Autos v. Motorcycle Accident
  • $450 Thousand Auto v. Auto
  • $300 Thousand Homeowners Liability
  • $300 Thousand Homeowners Liability
  • $205 Thousand Auto v. Bicycle