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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders run a high risk of being involved in traffic accidents while on city or rural roadways or highways. Even the most experienced motorcyclists with proper training, experience, and constant vigilance are in danger of drivers that fail to see them or make traffic decisions while being distracted from paying attention to the roadways. Without the protection a passenger in a car has, injuries in motorcycle accidents are more likely to occur and often more severe. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, obtaining immediate legal advice can ensure that the evidence regarding the accident is secured so that you are not unfairly found liable for the accident and are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents Resulting in Injury

According to a US study conducted by the Hurt Report, 75% of motorcycle accidents involve a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. Although the remaining percentage of motorcycle accidents involves single-motorcycle incidents, they can still be the direct result of drivers in cars, trucks or other vehicles that have caused them to crash in order to avoid a collision. Motorcycle riders also run a greater risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in car collisions or trucking accidents.

Common injuries in motorcycle accidents include bone fractures, spinal injuries, facial injury, concussions and brain trauma, even when helmets are worn. The likelihood that a motorcycle operator will be injured in a traffic accident is overwhelming; 98% in multiple vehicle accidents and 96% in single vehicle accidents. With such compelling statistics, insurance companies do their best to prove the motorcyclist was completely or partially at fault and minimize any payments for damages. At Swartz & Kennedy you can be confident that our legal team will work hard for you and will not be satisfied with any compensation below what you are entitled to recover.

Determining Liability

Determining who is at fault in motorcycle accidents is the first step in recovering damages for an injured motorcycle rider. An immediate investigation is often necessary before the evidence has been lost or destroyed. In fact, finding out who is responsible in these accidents is often more difficult than in car accidents. Motorcycle riders run the risk of being accused of causing the accident. Many insurance companies are aware of the unsafe practices associated with motorcycles by the public and often try to avoid liability of their insureds by placing blame on motorcycle riders. Common defense strategies attempt to capitalize on motorcycle riders' use of unsafe speeds, lane changing, lane splitting and other situations that shift blame away from car or truck drivers, especially in cases involving sports bikes. Often, these insurance accusations can only be defeated by an experienced legal team who investigates the accident as soon as possible and retains the best experts to prove the motorcyclist is not at fault.

Seeking legal advice immediately after a motorcycle accident can ensure the evidence of the other party's negligence is preserved and reduce the risk of being undercompensated. Our firm is experiences in dealing with all legal proceedings that can arise during your personal injury claim as well all the liability and damages issues that arise with a motorcycle accident case.

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