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    • Auto v. Auto (Commercial) $5 Million Settlement

      46 year old woman seriously injured when hit by drunk driver during course and scope of his work.

    • Auto v. Truck (Wrongful Death) $3.3 Million Jury Award

      43 year old man died when his vehicle collided with an agricultural truck/trailer partially blocking his lane on Highway 101.

    • Auto v. Auto $1.25 Settlement

      34 year old nurse struck while on side of highway.

    • Auto v. Auto $1.15 Million Settlment

      The Defendant, a teenage girl, was driving a truck, and made a wide turn, hitting our client’s car head-on directly into the driver’s side. Upon impact, the airbags in both vehicles deployed. The impact was so great that our client’s compact vehicle spun around a full 90 degrees, and it was pushed back approximately 40’ from the point of impact.

      Our client was a hard working woman, who enjoyed her full-time nursing job and had no plans to retire although she was 68 years old. She was an active hiker and traveler. Our client wanted to return to work and her surgeon released her a month after the surgery. Unfortunately, the work worsened her neck pain and headaches. She was disabled again. Four months after the surgery, she again returned to her nursing job. She was able to work part-time, but she was never able to return to full-time work.

      The case was set for trial, when mediation occurred a few months earlier. The defense paid $1.15 Million to resolve the case.

    • Premises Liability $1.1 Settlement

      70 year old woman fell on the sidewalk in a commercial area.

    • Auto v. Truck (Agricultural big rig and trailer) $850,000 Settlement

      50 year old postal driver hit by truck on rural road.

    • Auto v. Truck (Big Rig and trailer) $850,000 Settlement

      28 year old nurse hit by truck exiting Highway 25.

    • Auto v. Truck (Commercial) $850,000 Settlement

      59 year old construction worker was hit by a commercial box truck while stopped on Highway 156.

    • Auto v. Auto $500,000 Settlement (Policy Limit)

      86 year old woman hit by young woman exiting Taco Bell and seriously injured.

    • Autos v. Motorcycle Accident $465,000 Settlement

      Husband and Wife seriously injured on Highway 156 when two negligent car drivers collided.

    • Auto v. Auto $450,000 Settlement

      Auto v. Auto $450,000 Settlement 51 year old retail sales clerk suffered minor physical injuries but serious post traumatic stress disabling her from work.

    • Homeowners Liability $300,000 Settlement (Policy Limit)

      Minor fell through glass door and suffered serious injury.

    • Homeowners Liability $300,000 Settlement (Policy Limit)

      Minor Knocked Down at Beach by dog chasing ball suffered serious injury.

    • Auto v. Bicycle $205,000 Settlement

      Underinsured Motorist Claim (“UIM”) - 3 rd party Policy Limit + UIM recovery | Client was a participant in a bicycle event when he was hit by a vehicle traveling behind him, knocked off his bike, and run over. His primary injury was to his shoulder, for which he underwent successful surgery.