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Have you, a friend or family member been bitten by a dog? Either a vicious dog or one that wasn’t vicious but attacked anyway. If so, you are entitled to financial compensation for your injury expenses and other damages. Personal injury cases involving dog bites or dog attacks are complex, and require the skills of an experienced attorney to ensure that the negligent party is held responsible. From the ownership or the dog to the circumstances of the attack, or even the location of the attack, there are a number of factors that determine who can be held liable for the attack and whose insurance is applicable to pay for the medical expenses and other damages.

At Swartz & Kennedy, our team of accomplished lawyers are committed to serving clients in Monterey and Central Coast area who have suffered injuries caused by dog attacks and dog bites. We can build a strong legal case that will protect your rights and allow you to pursue the maximum compensation that is fair under the circumstance. Our legal team understands how difficult it is to undergo medical treatment and heal after a dog attack. Swartz & Kennedy is here to handle all the legal aspects of your personal injury case so that you can focus on recovering.

What to Do After a Dog Bite or a Dog Attack

The first thing you should do after being attacked by a dog is to seek the appropriate medical attention. After you have confirmed that you will be treated by a medical professional, take the following steps to preserve the evidence of your attack:

  • Report the animal and incident to local animal control professionals.
  • Take clear pictures of the injuries you sustained and the location of the attack.
  • Write down the names and addresses of anyone who witnessed the attack.
  • Get the name of the dog owner and their insurance policy information.
  • If the attack occurs on rented property or at a retail establishment, report the attack to the landlord or store manager.
  • Do not make any agreement with the pet owner and do not sign any documents without first speaking to an experienced lawyer.

If you are unable to take the steps listed above, the sooner you contact Swartz & Kennedy, our legal team will immediately begin the investigation to collect and preserve the evidence necessary to prove your case and recover fair compensation for you.

What are the Circumstance where you are entitled to be compensated?

There are many types of circumstances where you may be injured by a dog and entitled to recover compensation from the owner or, in some cases, a landlord. Clearly, where a dog attacks and bites you, or injures you without biting you, the owner is liable for your damages. If the attack occurs on a rental property, and the landlord or manager has knowledge of the dog’s past history of attacks, the landlord or manager may also be liable. Additionally, a dog may be loose, escape a leash, or break through a fence, and knock you over or attack your own dog while also injuring you. In all these different types of circumstances, different laws govern who is liable for the dog’s conduct and therefore who is responsible to pay you a fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

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Being attacked by a dog can be a traumatic experience, for everyone, but especially for young children. That is why our lawyers are here to help you obtain the justice you deserve. If you have been bitten, attacked, or injured in any way by a dog, you should immediately consult with our law firm to determine all of your options under the law. We will use our extensive resources and years of experience to help secure maximum compensation for your dog bite injury.

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