Fire Loss Claim Litigation

When a fire destroys your home or business, you are particularly vulnerable to the pressure from your insurance company to settle for what they determine is the value of your loss. Unfortunately some insurance companies take advantage of you resulting in offers of compensation below the fair value of the loss.

Additionally, the causes of fire are often disputed. Again the potential insurance company for the responsible party is likely to blame others, including the fire department or even claim that you, or someone close to you, committed arson or were at fault for the fire.

Do not be victimized by your own insurance company, the insurance company of a potentially responsible party, or your landlord. Please contact Swartz & Kennedy to discuss your fire loss claims and to assist you in securing the rights and benefits that the law affords you. Our firm has substantial experience in pursuing claims against your own insurance company and claims against other parties, and their insurance companies, who caused the fire. For an evaluation of your claim contact Swartz & Kennedy today.

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